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Mesotherapy with DermaPen 3


Advanced Treatments that give you better results with fewer treatments.

Mesotherapy Combination Treatments for:-

What is Mesotherapy with Derampen and how does it work?

 Mesotherapy is the introduction of highly  potent vitamins, peptides & skin nutrient formulas that are delivered into the skin via a needle to a specific layer of the skin to get maximum benefit. Up until now Mesotherapy has been delivered by an injection of the actives. Now however we are seeing better results by combining the Dermapen into the treatment, this is distributing the active in a more efficient & effective way therefore giving better results.

The treatment commences with the Dermapen treatment using the active mesotherapy ingredients being introduced into the specific layers of the skin depending on the issue being targeted. You will then move onto a Skin Peel giving better results by combining these powerful treatments together.

The skin peel used will depend on the condition of your skin & the issue being treated. We use:-

Through a thorough consultation we will bespoke a treatment plan for you, this will include treatment & home care that is essential to get the best results for your skin issue.


Q - Will It hurt?

A - Everyone is different so its difficult to offer a one fits all answer, however I would say there is a little discomfort but not pain as such. The Dermapen needling part of the treatment is quick and over in 10mins after that you can relax into the last part of the treatment.

Q - Will my face be red & Sore?

A - When using the Dermapen depending on the treatment being performed & for what reason their can be slight redness that is present for 24-48 hours. You can wear mineral make up as long as its pure & after 12 hours. This will cover any redness that you feel you would like to disguise.

Q - Will I bleed

A - Not necessarily! This all depends on the reason for treatment and the depth to which we need to go into the skin. For some treatments we do need to have blood present but it mostly will be just spotting not the full on blood scenario that you may have seen on the Internet, we don’t advise researching on the Internet as it is not a true representation of the treatments at all.

Q - Which treatment do I need?

A - Each skin concern presents different patterns of treatments, you will ultimately get better results with the Mesotherapy treatment & the complete anti aging LA Face Lift treatment and so will need less treatments in total. During the consultation process we will discuss all options and recommend a plan according to your needs, concerns and budget.

Q - How often do I need a treatment?

A - This again depends on the treatment reason, this will be discussed in more depth during your consultation however treatments are at either 2 -4 weeks or 6-8 weeks apart

Q - How many treatments do I need?

A - This is again dependant on the reason & your skin condition, however typically with Mesotherapy & Peels as a combined treatments this increases your results turn around so you will need less treatments & get better results than just having them separate. You can expect a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 4-6. You can then look at having quarterly advanced treatments for maintenance.

Q - How quick will I see the results?

A - Again dependant on the type of treatments & reason for treatment, however with using the combined therapies you will see an immediate result. With more improved results coming at 4 weeks, so with each treatment you should see a great improvement.

Q - How long before Sun Exposure or Other Clinical Treatments can I have a Dermapen/Mesotherapy Treatment?

A - With any Dermapen Treatment you need to wait 2 weeks either before or after other treatments & Sun Exposure - It is an absolute MUST that you apply SPF 50 to your skin every day before during and after treatment - basically every day. This is none negotiable!  We will provide you with an  SPF 50 CC cream that we use after your treatment to protect & provide correction coverage. You will be expected to use this every day on top of your usual skin care. When having the combined  therapies of Dermaen, Mesotherapy & Peel you will not need to purchase this product as it is part of the treatment plan.

LA Face Lift                                                   £395

Treating all the essential areas concerned with showing signs of aging. Giving you a total lift facially & neck tightening by treating through the hair & behind the ears, finishing with treating the hands which is a place where the age process is very visible. This treatment is a great option as a botox alternative.

Using Dermapen, Mesotherapy & Peel SPF CC Cream

Mesotherapy  Body                                    £240

Mesotherapy Face & Neck                      £295