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With Tanning Treatments & Retail and our stand up Sun Bed we have all your tanning needs covered...


Get an all year round glow with FakeBake & Fiesta Sun


Streak Free

Great Colour That Works With Your Own

Award Winning

Celebrity Favourite

Skin Loving & Perfect Fade

Fake Bake Gold Cream Application   1hr            £30.00

The Gold Classic Salon Only Tan

Please follow these pre & after steps to ensure your tan will last & look flawless


* If taking medications please indicate this to your therapist on your appointment

* When booking in if you have not had a treatment before please book in for a patch test

* Do not use any other tanning products 1 week before your treatment

* Any Waxing or Shaving needs to be completed 24-48 prior to your treatment

* Exfoliate during the week before your appointment please pay attention to very dry areas hands, knees, elbows and feet, if very dry exfoliate more than once.

* On the day of your appointment please do not wear any make up, lotions, deodorant, perfume, body oils as these may react with the tanning product.

* Wear loose dark clothing to your appointment or bring with you to change into


* Leave the tanning product on for 6-8 hours to develop

* Keep skin dry, avoid water and excess sweating while the tan is developing

* Do not apply any other products over the developing tan

* Avoid other hair and beauty treatments while tan is developing

* Care to be taken when drinking to prevent colour stripping around the mouth, you can use a straw

After the development time :-

* Rinse off the guide colour with warm/hot water, when the water has ran clear you can then wash with a mild soap

* Avoid AHA treatments like skin peels, micro-dermabraision as these will strip the colour

* Avoid swimming pools as the chorine will make your tan fade quicker

* Look after your tan by using an Oil Free moisturiser every day and an Oil Free exfoliator every 4 days this will help it too last longer and also fade evenly.

FakeBake Gold ½ Body         30 mins                  £20.00

The Classic Gold for either top or bottom half of the body

Please see above pre and after care advise.


Stand Up Sun Shower                                     

Great for holiday prep and skin problems like psoriasis & exzema

Prices are:-

3 mins - £3

6 mins - £5

9 mins - £7

12 mins - £9

15 mins - £10

Course Prices are:-

30 mins - £22

60 mins - £39

90 mins - £55

120 mins - £69

150 mins - £80

Tan Accelerators for indoor & outdoor tanning

Did you know your tan accelerators help you tan & prevents prickly heat & burning while tanning outside?

Dry Skin Tanning - Your tan will not develop on dry skin, whilst in the sun shower you will not tan for the first 4 mins whilst the skin is dry, so to ensure you tan right from the start use a tan accelerator cream, this will help you develop a better longer lasting tan & look after your skin too with nourishing ingredients. For holiday prep use the cream every day for the week before as well as on your sunbed appointment you will be glad you did with the tan you will develop whilst away.

Tan Accelerator Tablets:-

These amazing little beauties are a wonder all in a little tablet and will save your skin from damage, burning and prickly heat. There are our Managers Choice and we wouldn’t be without them on our holibobs. Please ask for more details when you pop in.